COVID-19 Travel Testing

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If you need testing to travel, please check the requirements for your destination, as many countries have different testing requirements and timelines for entry. Our tests meet the requirements of almost every destination, and we can get same-day results for our tests. And since we have several different laboratories and locations, we can even do more complicated multi-site testing (as needed by China).

While we are happy to perform a PCR or NAA test, you might be able to have an antigen test done instead, which is easier and faster to perform! An excellent resource to check travel requirements is:; you should also check with your destination country and your airline.

Our antigen tests can be done at no cost to you, with or without insurance. Our PCR/NAA tests are covered by insurance, but there is a $200 fee if you’re not using U.S. health insurance.

Everyone being tested will need to register by clicking here. For our scheduled sites at York School or the Carmel Foundation, please come by to get tested. For testing on other days, please contact us via this form to arrange an appointment.

Our standard report certificate (click here for example) is usually acceptable for most travel testing purposes, and will include your passport number if you provide it. The certificate also includes detailed information about our lab, as well as a physician signature.

If you need any special information included (e.g. QR codes, special forms, etc.), we offer a customizable travel certificate for a $25 fee. This includes completion of the special form for travel to Japan.

For any of the above services, please complete the contact form to arrange travel testing; make sure to include your destination country (as well as any layovers/transit stops).