COVID-19 Testing

At Lightspeed Testing, we provide antigen or PCR testing, and our results are available that same day! Your test results are texted and emailed to you, so you never have to wait around. We have a wide array of sites throughout the Monterey Peninsula and beyond; and with our concierge service, we can even come to your location to obtain your sample!

All testing is subject to availability.

What kind of test do you need?

For reassurance or screening testing, our antigen tests are excellent at detecting whether you are contagious with COVID. For those with exposures or symptoms, we recommend serial testing, as an initial test may not always pick up an early infection.

Our PCR tests are subject to availability; we do offer same day results for these tests. Please let us know about any special requirements or restrictions.  We may need to prioritize PCR tests based on availability.

Type of swabbing:

Most of our tests (both PCR and antigen) use a gentle, shallow nostril swab. It’s easy and painless, and you do it yourself! Parents can help their kids swab, if needed. If you need a nasopharyngeal swab (usually only done for clearance for surgery), please let us know so we can coordinate that.

Test fees:

Our antigen tests are done at no cost to you!  We do ask that you provide your insurance information, if you have it, to help us cover costs. We welcome those without insurance as well, and will bill the federal COVID fund for your tests.

For our PCR tests, the testing fee is covered fully by your insurance. If you are not using U.S. health insurance, the fee is $200.

  • Please be advised that TRICARE does NOT presently cover the cost of travel testing.
  • Our standard report form is usually acceptable for most travel purposes. If you need any special information included (e.g. passport #, QR codes, etc.), we offer a customizable travel certificate for a $25 fee.

For our concierge service, the visit fee is $200 for up to ten people, in addition to any test costs. This price may vary on holidays or for special events.


Everyone being tested (including children) will need to be registered at Registering in advance will save you time on test day. If you’ve already done this in the past, you don’t need to do it again!

When you complete the registration form, you’ll be asked to sign a consent, and to provide your insurance information. After this, you’ll receive a confirmation text message and email. Once registration is complete, you’ll never have to do it again, and you can test at any of our sites without re-registering! 

Test scheduling/appointments:

For testing at York School or the Carmel Foundation, appointments are not needed.  For testing at all other locations, please Contact Us to arrange an appointment.

On the day of testing:

When you arrive at our testing site, please let the team know what type of test you need. Once your sample is collected, you will receive your results later that day – usually within 30 minutes for antigen tests, or the same evening for PCR tests. Your results will be emailed and texted to you; a travel certificate can also be downloaded from the result page.