About Lightspeed Testing

The goal of Lightspeed Testing is to bring widespread COVID-19 testing wherever it is needed, throughout Monterey County and beyond. Until we reach herd immunity, testing is the way forward – and by providing easy-to-take tests to individuals and groups, we can help our schools, our sports, and our businesses get back to normal.

Our company was created by two Monterey emergency physicians. We have practiced in this community for decades, and we started this company out of our sincere desire to stop the spread of COVID here at home. We know our medical community, our resources, and how to get things done here. Through our network, we can help people get the care and help they need – from medication therapy to telemedicine follow-ups.

Lightspeed Testing is a local business, born here in Monterey County, and we are proud to be a service-disabled veteran-owned small business. We look forward to showing you how our testing is the Fastest Way Back to Normal!


  • Sameer Bakhda, M.D
  • Michelle Krueger-Kalinski, M.D
  • Kristin Bakhda, CNM

Clinical Supervisors

  • Jodi Schaffer, RN – Lead Clinical Educator
  • Catherine Krom, RN
  • Becky Korchek, RN
  • Cindy Prewitt, RN
  • Garrett Schafer, EMT-P
  • Grace Dillon, RN
  • Hanna Smith, RN
  • Kathy Davies, PA-C
  • Thom Trotter, PA-C
  • Sarah Burns, RN
  • Sarah Howard, EMT
  • Tricia Popky, RN