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Founded and operated by two local Monterey County doctors, Lightspeed Testing brings rapid COVID-19 testing to you. We’re here to help get our community back to normal, and to give you the peace of mind you need. We know that COVID is challenging and confusing; let us help you know for sure with an answer in minutes, not days. School tests? Exposures? Travel? Workplace tests? Come visit us and let us take the uncertainty out of COVID testing.

About Our Team

While we don’t have any scheduled testing events today, please contact us to arrange a testing appointment. We may even be able to arrange same-day testing, depending on staff availability!

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  • COVID-19 Testing

    Exposed to COVID? Got a cough? Or just want to be sure? Our rapid antigen tests get you an answer in 30 minutes. We can also perform rapid PCR and NAA confirmatory tests, with same day results.

  • COVID-19 Travel Testing

    We perform the fastest PCR tests around, with same day results, custom travel certificates are available, to ease your mind and speed your journey. Accepted worldwide (including China and Japan).

  • COVID-19 Workplace Testing

    We can screen your workplace and provide mandatory testing to meet requirements. Symptomatic employee? We can bring our ultrafast PCR tests on site, and get them back to work in minutes.

  • COVID-19 School Clearance

    Let’s keep our kids in school by testing to stay! We can bring rapid testing to your child’s classroom, and keep kids learning by testing them after an exposure. Get a whole class of kids tested in 20 minutes.

  • COVID-19 Event Testing

    Need proof of a negative test for a game or performance? Let us help get you in your seats! Planning an event? Don’t let COVID crash the party. We can test all attendees to keep you and your guests protected.