Serving Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties

Due to a severe shortage of tests nationwide, Lightspeed Testing has been forced to temporarily suspend our community testing sites.

The unprecedented demand for testing, as well as global supply chain issues, means that our suppliers are not able to send us the tests we’ve ordered. This breaks our hearts, as we are committed to serving our community during this surge – but without tests, we aren’t able to test anyone. We hope to obtain more tests by next week (the week of January 16), but we have no definite shipping date yet.

Until then, please go to to find other testing sites near you.

Check back with us here, or on our social media profiles below, for more details next week. Until then, please keep yourself and your family safe. We can’t wait to get up and running again, so that we can once again be “the fastest way back to normal”!

Even though we’re not ready to test, you can still register yourself and be ready for our return – click here.

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